Thursday, December 20, 2012

Handmade Christmas Wish List

I wanted to share my Handmade Christmas Wish List. Mind you, it is more of an Etsy wish list given that all of the items are from some wonderful Etsy shops I found. I just adore these beautiful handmade treasures and will love to get at least a few of the items.

If you are looking for last minute Christmas gifts, perhaps this will give you a few ideas. The image below is a snapshot of the "Treasury." I have also provided links to the items, from top left to right.

via Crafted Spaces on Etsy

Links to items:

Robe Set - Ortupes
Hand-Woven Cowl - Tactile Dactyl & Co.
Earrings - Bella Anela Jewelry
Organic Lip Balm - Winsome Green
Knit Leg Warmers - Three Bird Nest
Leather Tote Bag - Dodo
Organic Essential Oil - Belle River Naturals
Shirt - Gitas Portal
Hand Printed Napkins - Anna Joyce
Stamp - Yours Is The Earth
Cotton Wallet - Cotton Purr
Squirrel Pillow - Secdus
Hand-Woven Cotton Blanket - Bambino Castello
Nesting Lotus Bowls - Whitney Smith
Linen Bedding - iPure Linen
10" Ruffle Cake Stand - Vessels and Wares

* If you are unable to link to these items, you can also do a search on Etsy for the shop names.

I have never purchased from any of these vendors, so I cannot provide an insight into the quality of the items or services, but I do love their collections. I have purchased from the Etsy site before and I have had a good experience. I also have an Etsy shop and will be adding more items in the New Year.

What are some of your favourite Etsy shops?

Happy Shopping!

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