Monday, June 27, 2011

Profile: Elizabeth Stevens

Elizabeth Stevens
Designer and Owner

Elizabeth Victoria Stevens is the designer and founder of Elizabeth Victoria, a millinery company based in Toronto, Ontario. Elizabeth's collection is elegant and flirty. Her pieces reflect her great attention to detail, and are well crafted. This is a new company that is transforming a traditional craft.

Cocktail Hat
Cherry Blossom Inspired

Elizabeth decided earlier this year to leave her "day job," follow her heart and take a new path. She has dedicated herself to developing her skills as a milliner and focuses much of her work on custom orders. Elizabeth skillfully incorporates freshwater pearls, crystal beads, marabou, satin, organza, guinea fowl feathers and other quality materials; creating unique one-of-a-kind pieces.

I met Elizabeth at The Clothing Show late May and fell in-love with her designs. At the show, Elizabeth's designs where well paired on the runway and was very impacting. During the show, we had an opportunity to chat about her work and I invited her to join us on Crafted Spaces Radio, where you can listen to our interview.

Elizabeth studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design and combines her skills and stylish eye to create truly unique pieces. Each of her designs is a piece of wearable art. Her designs are also the perfect compliment to a bride's attire.


Contact Elizabeth Victoria at for your timeless statement piece!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Profile: Sammy Younan and Denny Chan

Sammy and Denny
Designers and Owners of S'up Cuz

Meet Sammy and Denny, they are the creative duo behind S'up Cuz a Scarborough, Ontario based T-Shirt company. I first saw this label about a year ago and was drawn to the bright colours and impacting messages on the T's. The collection is geared more towards a male audience (which they are working on); however, I still think that there is something for everyone.

With backgrounds in Writing and Film, Sammy and Denny bring their diverse skills and knowledge to this creative business venture. Sammy and Denny share a long time friendship, dating back from age eleven. Their strong friendship and solid handle on how to collaborate, seems to be the foundation upon which their business flourishes. They seem open and respectful of each other and have developed a brand that is unique and recognizable.

S'up Cuz T-Shirt Collection

Their designs are meant to "provoke conscious consciousness and humorous humour."

Listen to our Crafted Spaces Radio broadcast with this dynamic duo. I think that you will find listening to these guys inspiring. S'up Cuz is a great example of how friendship and effective collaboration can support the growth and development of a business.

To order your S'up Cuz t-shirt visit their website at

Monday, June 13, 2011

Profile: Carissa McCaig

The Clothing Show - Spring 2011 was a treasure chest of all things fashion. The show featured unique vintage finds, commercial products, as well as limited edition collections. The designs of Carissa McCaig the creative force behind Copious Couture, was one of those limited edition collections that could not be missed. I had the pleasure of chatting with Carissa and her friend Krystal at their booth during the May 27th, 28 and 29th, show. Carissa's designs graced the runway during the daily fashion shows and I was an instant fan.

Carissa's fun, casual chic collection is affordable and versatile. There are flirty elements in her collection with vibrant colour combinations. The Toronto based designer also provides jewellery and hair accessories with edginess. Her clothing is complimented by her collection of chain-linked necklaces and is topped by her girly headpieces.

Carissa includes lycra, silk, cotton and polyester blends in her collection.

Copious Couture

Carissa is a graduate of the International Academy of Design and Technology. Upon graduating she worked in the fashion industry for other designers, until deciding to launch her own label. Things in her life inspire Carissa. However, she has found it challenging having to work another job, while developing her business. Carissa will like to be able to focus all of her time and energy on developing her label. She has indicated that her family have been an amazing support to her as she develops her business, and credits her mother for motivating her to follow her heart and to pursue her studies in fashion designing.

Listen to our online radio interview with Carissa McCaig and Krystal Howard on Wednesday, June 1, 2011, titled Collaboration and Fashion Designing.

For more information about this designer, please visit: Copious Couture @

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Clipboard Makeover

I found these great mini clipboards at The Dollar Store for just $1.00, but wanted to find a way of making them look more interesting. I therefore decided to give them a makeover. I was originally going to cover them with fabric, but found this really beautiful handmade cotton paper (photo does not do it justice). The paper has a beautiful bold peony with a pearl finish and gold flex.

Finished Clipboard

For this project you will need a clipboard, scrapbook paper, scissors, pencil, craft glue and a paint brush. As an alternative you can use another decorative paper, contact paper or even fabric. You can also use an exactor knife or other cutter.

Place your clipboard on your paper, hold firmly and trace around the edged of the clipboard to create template.

Cut the piece out with your scissors. Place paper on the front of clipboard and open the clip to mark where you will have to cut out at the top. Use your pencil to mark on the paper the edges of the clip.

Gently remove the paper and cut out between pencil marks to fit over the clip. Starting from one end paste craft glue onto the clipboard and move across and upward towards the top of your board, removing bubbles as you work. Trim any excess paper from around the edges.

The finished clipboard looks way more interesting I think. You can also cover the back of the clipboard if you like. Enjoy!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Profile: Krystal Howard

Krystal Howard is a Toronto native and the designer of Kaych a feminine and sexy new label. I had the pleasure of meeting Krystal and her friend Carissa McCaig of Copious Couture at their booth during The Clothing Show on May 27, 28 and 29, and I was immediately impressed by her designs and the presentation of her work.

I love the clean, feminine lines of her collection and the classic feel of the designs. She also spices up classic black and white with a splash of colour. Her designs are in perfect keeping with today's trends, yet timeless. Krystal utilizes an abstract print and incorporates great texture into her Spring 2011 collection.


Krystal is a graduate of the International Academy of Design and Technology, and has worked in the fashion industry for a few years. After working with seasoned designers, Krystal decided to take the bold leap into launching her own line. She indicated that since she was "working this hard" . . . then she was going to work this hard "to push my own."

Krystal has found that other people's stories have been inspiring to her and helps her to push herself. She has also found that the community she has found on Etsy has been a "great network and support," and finds it very helpful using their message boards. She has also gained valuable support from her family, and is also inspired by her mother and sister whom she describes as "strong, passionate women." Her advise to others is; "you have to know that you love it." Krystal indicates that she has known that she wanted to be a designer since she was ten years old and is happy to start living that dream.

I'm very excited to see Kaych as it evolves and will be following very closely. Click the link to listen to our online radio interview with Krystal Howard and Carissa McCaig on Wednesday, June 1, 2011, titled Collaboration and Fashion Designing.

For more about this designer, please visit her website at:

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