Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Learning to Knit

Knitting is among the list of things I will like to learn this year. When my eight-year-old son Matthew was born I started knitting a baby blue sweater for him, but I never completed the sweater. I learnt to crochet when I was little, and was always fascinated with knitting. Since picking up my crochet needle over the holidays, I have therefore decided to teach myself how to knit.

Armed with my knitting needles in hand and a vague recollection of what I had to do, I was determined to start and finish a project. I decided to use this wonderful Lion Brand yarn that I had left over from making my mom a crochet hat. With the almost overwhelming amount of information available at the library and online, I was able to figure things out. I now have my first knitted project.

{ lots of ways it can be worn }

When I was finished with the flat knitted piece, I felt like it needed something more, so I added a scalloped crochet edge and further embellished with crochet flowers and leaves. The flowers and leaves double as my closure. I cannot, by any stretch of the imagination call myself a knitter now; however, I did enjoy creating this project and will love to work on some more projects. I did not use a pattern, but instead created as I went along. Perhaps my next step should be to learn a pattern or two. A cheer to those who create wonderful knitwear designs!


  1. It is beautiful! I'm just learning to knit and hope to make something that nice someday. I have a feeling I;m going to end up learning to crochet at some point too(I love the crochet flowers!) :)

  2. Love this scarf, do you have instructions for it?

  3. I am so glad that you guys like this project. I have had a few people ask me about it and at this time I do not have any instructions. It was one of my first knitting projects, and started out as an exercise in just getting use to the movements. One of my friends have offered to help me translate the pattern. I'll post an update when I have some instructions. Thank you:-)


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