Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Love of Crochet

Over the years I have enjoyed the art of crocheting. I remember all the great little baby items that my grandmother had made for me, and I think I still have a piece or two stored away. With the birth of each of her new grand child my grandmother has patiently and lovingly created a new baby blanket along with other great goodies.

Even now my children, the first of the great grand children have received their special blankets, booties and coats. Today I spent some time just sitting with my grandmother, each of us holding our crochet needle and working on our respective projects. I felt a true connection with her and the memory of her showing me my first crochet stitches as a child came to mind. I was truly happy to have the time to spend with her.

I had not crochet in several years, but decided that I wanted to make my baby something special. It is amazing how once you learn something you love doing; it can all come back to you no matter how long you stepped away from it. I even ventured to make a hat for my mom and husband.

Crochet: The Complete Guide by Jane Davis is a gift from my husband and a new addition to my resource library. It is a great book for beginner to advance alike, and both my grandmother and me are having fun learning and refreshing our skills.

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