Saturday, July 24, 2010

Green Thumb

Your creative or crafted space can be your attic, a room, a corner of your basement or garage. It can also be a closet or a desk in your bedroom. Today I will like to share a herbal container garden that will add a special touch to my outdoor creative space.

Perhaps you gain some of your inspiration from nature. Finding time to garden can enhance your outdoor space and fuel your creativity for other projects. My garden is an extension of my design studio and I do many of my projects there. This herbal container garden is a new addition to my outdoor creative space. If you have never done a container garden, perhaps this simple herbal container garden project will inspire you.

Steps to creating your own!

1. Select your container and gather your supplies, including: small stones, soil, manure, hand tools, and plants
2. Place small stones at the bottom of the container to assist with drainage of water
3. Fill your container with soil leaving several inches from the top
4. Incorporate some manure into your soil. I have mixed in several scoops of sheep manure

5. Select your plants and position where desired, leaving several inches between each plant

6. Firmly press around the base of each plant with your hand and label your plants were possible

7. Water and ENJOY!!!

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