Saturday, July 3, 2010

Welcome to Crafted Spaces

Hello and welcome to Crafted Spaces blog.

This blog was created to share information on how you can enhance and get the best out of your creative space.

Join us as we redesign and develop our studio, present craft projects, review events, feature creative businesses, and visit other studios. We will also provide tips on how to develop your creative business venture.

We are excited about this new project and it is our hope that you will join us on our journey. It is also our hope that you will find new ways to explore your creativity.

If you are a crafter, designer, artist, scrap booker, or overall creator of something crafty and beautiful, then we invite you to send us your pictures and to share your stories. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we can make Crafted Spaces more informative.


Submit your photos and story >>>>

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