Monday, May 6, 2013

Crafty Home Series

Last Wednesday I was happy to be back on Crafted Spaces Radio. The episode highlighted some of the things that are happening at Crafted Spaces, but it was also an introduction to our "Crafty Home" series.

Our recent Home Organization Challenge was so wonderful, and I was happy that so many of you joined us here on the blog, on Facebook and on Pinterest. With over ten thousand page views and thousands of Pinterest repins the response was extremely encouraging and really motivated me each week. Having a clean and organized home now means that there are lots of opportunities for adding creative touches. Adding a bit of personality, handmade accents, and a punch of colour is therefore the focus of this new series.

I am excited to start our "Crafty Home" series, because it means that I can transform each of the rooms in my home with handmade decorative elements that is reflective of my family and I.  Each week I will post my projects along with tutorials. I also have several Pinterest boards with tons of links to amazing DIY projects and sewing tutorials, which I hope will inspire you to create along with me.

If you are not the "make it" type, but you will like to find ways of adding handmade and crafty touches to your home or workspace, then do not leave just yet. During the series I will chat and share with you information about artisans, designers, stores and websites that you may want to check out for some crafty goodies. There are wonderful places to find "Crafty Home" accents and it is a great way to support crafters and makers.

The projects I will be featuring are great for your home, workplace or home away from home. If you also have a cottage, boat, mobile home or other place you occasionally call home; then join me in this creative transformation.

There are so many ideas and sources of inspiration, that sometimes it is difficult to narrow things down. I will like to share some of my Crafted Spaces Pinterest boards, which are bursting with ideas and projects that you may want to try. Creating an ideas board, can help with deciding what you will like to make and in some cases provide the resources on how to make it. It is also a great place to start when you are defining and refining your style.

DIY Projects
Crafty Ideas
Home Projects
Home Style
Sewing (includes many home decor sewing projects)

If you already have a "Crafty Home" and you will like to share with us some of the things you have done, please comment below or message me with your link(s).

These links will be have been updated throughout the series.

Stained Wicker Baskets
Crafty Home Accents
Furniture Painting Tutorial
How to Make a Shower Curtain
Silk Screened Cushion Cover
How to Make a Pillow Insert
Vintage Needlepoint
DIY Magnetic Chalkboard

Crafted Spaces Radio
Repurposing Materials
Crafty Home Project Ideas
The Art of Thrifting
Finding Your Style
Crafty Home Inspiration

This series will run until June 30, 2013. This is not a sponsored series, and I have purchased or made the products or items featured. The opinions expressed are my own and the links shared are unsolicited and is not in association with any third party.

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  1. I am looking forward to see what you will be showcasing under this series.


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