Crafted Spaces will not be possible without the support of its' readers and the many individuals who have joined us on our other online platforms. We are given an opportunity to share with you great creative projects and information on how you can explore your creativity and nurture your creative business. We have also been blessed with the support of inspirational individuals that seek to live their lives creatively and who share with us their stories and creative works.

The following individuals have contributed articles or content to Crafted Spaces blog.

Yvette-Michelle is the designer and founder of Verona CollectionsCrafted Spaces and Crafted Spaces Weddings. She is also the host of Crafted Spaces Radio and DIYWedding. Since 1994, Yvette-Michelle has been creating her collection of one-of-a-kind and limited edition fashion accessories, clothing and home decor items. She works from her home studio in Shanty Bay, Ontario, where she lives with her husband and two wonderful boys. "I started my business as a way to work and live creatively and I enjoy all that I do. I love sewing and crafts and I'm an avid gardener."

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Dr. Cheryl Cottle
Dr. Cottle is a social media expert, who works with individuals to achieve their professional and business goals. She is the founder and chief consultant of Cottle's Professional Consulting. Dr. Cottle provides women entrepreneurs with valuable business development resources through her CPC Women in Business group and other initiatives.

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Jennifer Gontier
Jennifer is the owner and designer of Hipknitized. She is committed to developing her craft and producing quality designs for the whole family. You can find Jennifer's creations at craft fairs and at her Etsy shop.

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Don is a freelance editor and multi-media specialist. He is credited with the sound recording and musical tracks for our Youtube channel and Crafted Spaces Radio. Don also assist in the editing of many of our post. He is the creative force behind GSM Beats Inc. and has great reviews featuring independent Canadian musicians and musical events. You are invited to follow Don's blog at The Squirrelophone.

Jelena Pticek
Jelena Pticek is the founder of Poppyseed Creative Living in Toronto, Ontario. "Transforming used furniture and found objects into funky, one-of-a-kind décor for your home or cottage. Poppyseed Creative Living is part passion, part promise. My passion: making the old new, art that works, and pieces that serve a purpose. My promise: originality, craftsmanship, and a process that's green, green, green." You can find Jelena's creations at local craft fairs, at her Etsy shop and at Freedom Clothing Collective in Toronto.

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If you will like to contribute to Crafted Spaces, please start by contacting us via email at Provide us with details about your proposed project or article, an image that best demonstrates your project and any links you may have.

Thank you!

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