Saturday, September 14, 2013

Making a Hand Embroidery Appliqué

I love making aprons, and this week I decided that I would make an apron from a vintage pillowcase I recently purchased from a thrift store. It is a beautiful cotton print, but there is a hole in the middle of the fabric. I was thinking of ideas on how to cover the area and decided to add an appliqué.

Using a white vintage cotton fabric (from a twin sheet), I cut a piece of fabric large enough to cover one of the flowers on the pillowcase. I placed the white fabric over one of the flowers and secured with pins. I then traced the outline of the flower onto the white fabric using a pencil. There are several other transfer methods I could have used; however, I found this to be a quick and easy method.

I plan on doing a basic running stitch over the lines in alternating colours and will fill the centre of the flower with French knots. I will attach the appliqué with a running stitch on the last row to secure it to the printed fabric. The final phase will be to cut away the excess fabric around the edge of the flower. My plan is to make a total of three flowers of varying sizes.

Do you like appliqués? What do you think of the idea of using an appliqué to cover a damaged area?


  1. Can't wait to see it! The pattern kinda matches your blog background!

  2. Great observation about the pattern matching my blog background, I did not notice until you pointed it out. I have already done one of the appliqué, and I am working on two slightly smaller ones. I am looking forward to sharing how they look.


Thanks for your comments!

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