Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Crafty Idea: Spray Painted Clay Pot

I like clay posts, but I cannot say that I am a huge fan of their colour. I have had this little clay pot in my craft studio for a while now and I have finally gotten around to painting it. I have painted clay pots before, and I generally use a brush. I have been doing several projects lately using spray paint, so I decided to try the spray painted method.

Weather permitting; I prefer to work outside when doing a paint project. I set-up my workspace and before getting started, I wiped the pot clean. I then placed the pot on a wooden block to lift it off of my work surface. I applied several light coats of paint and waited for the paint to dry between coats. I also painted the inside of the pot for a more finished look. I did not use a primer coat, but it is something worth doing especially for larger projects.

I now have a much better looking container to hold some items in my studio. The ivory is a great colour match and the pot looks more finished. I left the pot a solid colour; however, I think next time I will like to try lightly sanding the edges to create a shabby chic look.

I hope that my little project, gives you some ideas for your own projects. Let me know what you think!


  1. Thanks for your crafty idea spray painted clay pot. These clay pots are looking awesome after painting.

    1. Thanks Cristina! I am really happy you like the project. There is so much you can do with clay pots and they make such great storage containers.


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