Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Crafty Idea: Spray Painted Basket

I have had this basket for several years and recently one of the handles came apart. I was considering sending it off in the garbage, but whenever possible I prefer to repurpose an item. It was clear that my one handled basket needed a facelift, so I decided to spray paint it in a fun colour. After considering several different colour options I settled on aqua. I removed the one remaining handle and got started with the facelift.

Here is a picture of what my basket looked like before.

I found a "Rust-Oleum" aqua coloured spray paint at Lowe's, and I was supper happy with the results. I covered the basket with several light coats of paint using a sweeping motion. I waited for the paint to dry between coats, and flipped the basket over to make sure that I got good coverage in between the wicker.

In the end I have a basket that does not look like it needs to be retired and it is in a fun new colour. I have been using it as a napkin basket for outdoor summer lunches. It is the perfect size for the job and a great pop of colour.

I love baskets and the many ways that you can decorate and organize your home with them. I have lots of baskets in my home and I use them for everything from storing magazines to organizing bathroom toiletries. I hope that my project will inspire you to give new life to a basket or other item that you are considering trashing, and that you will explore a fun new colour as well.

Do you like using wicker baskets? What do you think of the colour I selected?


  1. i love the color, it´s amazing

    1. Thanks Yosra! I am thinking of doing some other projects in the same colour.


Thanks for your comments!

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