Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Antique Shopping

This summer my family and I have had a few road trips. I enjoy the long drives and discovering small towns along the way. This past weekend my husband and I took the kids camping and on the way back we decided to take a different route, and discovered a great antique market on highway 48 called "Antiques on Hwy48." We stopped by and ended up visiting for over an hour.

It is no secret that I enjoy good thrift store finds, but it pales in comparison to how much fun I have at an antique market. I love shopping for vintage items and it is a threat to discover a beautiful antique piece. There are a handful of places that I enjoy shopping, and I am never disappointed with what I find. However, it is also fun to discover new antique shops and fairs. So needless to say I took great joy in every inch of the two floors of antiques, along with the items displayed at their entrance.

I enjoyed looking through the rooms and checking out the wonderful collection of glassware and milk vases. There were lots of little treasures waiting to be discovered. There was a lot of inventory, with mostly small collectables. It was well organized, but as my husband said to our three year old son, "there are lots of no no's" for little ones to break.

There was a great selection of vinyl records, among which my husband was happy to discover two records he wanted. My eldest son was also happy to find a comic book he wanted. I did find a few items that caught my eye, but self-control was needed. The two pieces that I strongly considered getting was a stunning milk vase, and a beautiful wooden bench with a needle point upholstered seating.

So now I have one more antique market on my list and lots more to discover. Do you enjoy shopping at an antique market?


  1. Glad you enjoyed your day out antique shopping. It's always nice to get out and just enjoy browsing.

    1. Thanks Brandi! I could spend all day antique shopping. However, I try to limit myself to only a few collectables :-)


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