Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lilies In Bloom

I really love gardening and I wish I had more time to cultivate my garden. There are several areas around my home, where I have planted flowers, herbs and vegetables. This year I have tried my hands at some new vegetables, most of which the rabbits enjoyed. However, the greatest joy comes from my flowers. I love looking at the flowers in the garden. I also love having a variety of flowers that I can use to make beautiful fresh flower arrangements for my home.

The lilies are one of my favourites and a must have in my garden. There are so many varieties of lilies to choose from and I will like to include some more varieties in my garden.  I have been doing some research, but have not decided which ones I will plant.

The stunning blooms range in size and have an amazing scent. The blooms last a really long time and the plant is easy to care for. I do not have a large collection of lilies, but the ones that I do have are a beautiful addition to my walkway. They are eye catching and welcome my guest with their amazing aroma.

What is your favourite garden flower?

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