Friday, July 26, 2013

Let's Play Dolls

When I was a child one of my most favourite things to do was sew clothes for my dolls. I would spend hours designing and making little outfits from ends of fabric. I personally think that I had the best-dressed doll in the neighbourhood.

My love for designing and sewing has evolved over the years into a life-long passion. I also love teaching others how to sew and I am always excited when I have a student that really enjoys sewing. However, it is a special treat to have a young student that has a passion for the craft. One of my passionate young sewing students made this project at the end of our sewing sessions this year.

I have shared an image of this project on our Facebook page, but have finally gotten around to doing this posts. I think it is a great little project and something worth doing with young sewers who also happen to love dolls. If you have a doll of a similar size then I suggest trying out the pattern (McCalls Pattern ‪#‎M6370‬). There are also lots of other great patterns available for you to try. You can also play with drafting your own patterns.

When you were a child, did you make clothing for your dolls?

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