Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crochet Cowl With Two Strands Of Yarn

I really enjoy crocheting and over the years have never used patterns, but have created my own designs by combining simple stitches. Recently I have found myself looking at patterns and thinking of new projects to try. I have been learning new stitches and I'm learning more about this beautiful craft.

I had never used two strands of yarn together on a project before and I have seen some great projects that inspired me to try to do so. I usually prefer a lightweight piece, but wanted something on the more chunky side. I therefore decided to make a cowl (also a first) using two strands. I fell in love with the Aqua colour of the" Bernet Satin" yarn (Colour: 04201). It is a medium, 100% acrylic yarn that was easy to work with and feels super soft.

Here are some images from my project.

I was inspired by this tutorial at "Aesthetic Nest" on how to make a crochet cowl. However, my finished cowl is larger and I did not really follow the instructions very well and ended-up doing my own thing. I love the size of the one I made, because it gives great versatility for wearing in a number of ways. I think the next cowl I make, will be even larger so that it can be worn over the head, which will be wonderful for next winter. However my thoughts are on spring and the cool evenings off the lake.

My finished cowl measures 11" high and 36" around and I used a USK10.5/6.50 mm crochet hook. I crocheted in the round and added a cord with a flower on one end and a leaf on the other. The cord is piped through and brings the cowl in nicely at the neck. However, I see myself wearing my new spring cowl more often as shown in option #2.


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