Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Book Review: Recycling Things to Make and Do

On today's Crafted Spaces Radio I talked about "Eco Crafting." I have wanted to start a segment on this topic for some time now and will like to add more to this topic as the year progresses. There are lots of blogs and other sites that are dedicated to this topic, as well as a wealth of other online resources. I mentioned this book; "Recycling things to make and do," because it is a great resource for working with kids on wonderful craft projects.

The large, bright full colour pages present the projects in easy to follow steps and each project uses materials from around your home as well as items that you may have from left-over sewing and craft projects. The projects are equally great for boys or girls and I think will appeal to a wide age group. Younger kids can make projects that allow them to explore paint and texture, while older kids can make projects like gift bags and tags that are perfect for gift giving. There are a number of other books in the series that look at "things to make and do."

I was asked by my nine-year-old son, "What interesting things did you do as a kid, when you were my age mommy?" His question brought back memories of drawing and working on countless craft projects. I remember spending hours with my craft books and trying lots of new craft projects. I would spend hours anticipating the final outcome. My favourite craft book was part of an encyclopedia set my mother had purchased for me. For years I continued to gain enjoyment from the projects I learnt and continue to use many of the techniques I learnt so many years ago.

My family and I have been having fun with our "Family Art Night" and my son's drawings have been amazing. Watching him expressing himself through art has been an amazing experience. Needless to say, I was very happy to find this book. Let me know what you think and perhaps share a favourite craft book from your library.

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