Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Clipboard Makeover

I found these great mini clipboards at The Dollar Store for just $1.00, but wanted to find a way of making them look more interesting. I therefore decided to give them a makeover. I was originally going to cover them with fabric, but found this really beautiful handmade cotton paper (photo does not do it justice). The paper has a beautiful bold peony with a pearl finish and gold flex.

Finished Clipboard

For this project you will need a clipboard, scrapbook paper, scissors, pencil, craft glue and a paint brush. As an alternative you can use another decorative paper, contact paper or even fabric. You can also use an exactor knife or other cutter.

Place your clipboard on your paper, hold firmly and trace around the edged of the clipboard to create template.

Cut the piece out with your scissors. Place paper on the front of clipboard and open the clip to mark where you will have to cut out at the top. Use your pencil to mark on the paper the edges of the clip.

Gently remove the paper and cut out between pencil marks to fit over the clip. Starting from one end paste craft glue onto the clipboard and move across and upward towards the top of your board, removing bubbles as you work. Trim any excess paper from around the edges.

The finished clipboard looks way more interesting I think. You can also cover the back of the clipboard if you like. Enjoy!

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  1. Love it!
    It looks perfect!
    I really like the paper that you used. Where can I buy some of that paper??


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