Monday, June 13, 2011

Profile: Carissa McCaig

The Clothing Show - Spring 2011 was a treasure chest of all things fashion. The show featured unique vintage finds, commercial products, as well as limited edition collections. The designs of Carissa McCaig the creative force behind Copious Couture, was one of those limited edition collections that could not be missed. I had the pleasure of chatting with Carissa and her friend Krystal at their booth during the May 27th, 28 and 29th, show. Carissa's designs graced the runway during the daily fashion shows and I was an instant fan.

Carissa's fun, casual chic collection is affordable and versatile. There are flirty elements in her collection with vibrant colour combinations. The Toronto based designer also provides jewellery and hair accessories with edginess. Her clothing is complimented by her collection of chain-linked necklaces and is topped by her girly headpieces.

Carissa includes lycra, silk, cotton and polyester blends in her collection.

Copious Couture

Carissa is a graduate of the International Academy of Design and Technology. Upon graduating she worked in the fashion industry for other designers, until deciding to launch her own label. Things in her life inspire Carissa. However, she has found it challenging having to work another job, while developing her business. Carissa will like to be able to focus all of her time and energy on developing her label. She has indicated that her family have been an amazing support to her as she develops her business, and credits her mother for motivating her to follow her heart and to pursue her studies in fashion designing.

Listen to our online radio interview with Carissa McCaig and Krystal Howard on Wednesday, June 1, 2011, titled Collaboration and Fashion Designing.

For more information about this designer, please visit: Copious Couture @

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