Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thrift Store Find: Needlepoint Art

This past week I found this stunning needlepoint at the thrift store. I love this piece because the roses just seem to pop, and I feel like smelling them. I was also drawn to this piece because of the stunning blue vase. I love this colour blue and I am thinking of using the same colour in an upcoming upholstery project.

I do not think that it is a secret that I absolutely love, love, love embroidery and other needlework pieces. I collect vintage pieces, but I am also happy to see new works popping up each day and becoming popular again. If you will like to try your hand at some needlework, you can try making a piece with patterns from designers such as Anna Maria Horner and Heather Bailey. There are also lots of patterns to choose from on sites such as Etsy. You can also try my free embroidery pattern.

I want to take this opportunity to answer a question that I have recently received, about how I choose my embroidery or needlework pieces.

When I come across a piece at the thrift store or antique market, there are a few things that I consider before purchasing:
  • Do I love it? - If I see a piece and instantly fall in-love, then chances are it is coming home. I must love the design.
  • Consistency of the stitches - Sometimes you come across a piece that was perhaps done by someone who was new to needlework and you can see some of the errors they made. The most common error I have observed is where the stitching is not uniform or consistent.
  • Wear and tear - Broken stitches and faded areas are two significant reasons I may not buy a piece. Yellowing of the fabric or stains are also things I look out for.
  • Condition of the frame - If it is a framed piece, then I look at the condition of the frame to decide if this is a piece that I will have to re-frame. If it is a frame with an unusual shape or size, then I consider how difficult it would be to re-frame the piece or to use the work in a different way.
  • Usability - Do I have a place for it or can I learn from the pattern? Buying a piece just for the sake of collecting is not generally something I do (although, my husband may disagree). So it is important to me to have a home for it. Having said this, I sometime purchase vintage pieces for the pattern with the hope of learning how to re-create a particular design.
There are so many way you can incorporate these little gems into your decor, and nothing says handmade like a beautiful piece of needlework! I hope this post is helpful the next time you go shopping for embroidery or needlepoint art.

Do you have any tips that you will like to share?

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