Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thrift Store Find: Wicker Baskets

I am working on a family command centre in the back hall, just outside of the home office. I have not gotten very far with the command centre, but I have prepared the wall and should be painting next. I am also looking for items that I can use on the wall to help organize mail, bills and school information. I will also like the wall to double as an art wall for my little one, so I am getting pieces together for that as well.

I have come across a few pieces at the thrift store and I am hoping that I can use them in the way I have envisioned. Here are two wicker baskets that I recently purchased. They were $3.99 each and I am thinking of staining them in a dark walnut colour to match the hardwood floors in my studio.

I could paint them, but I think that staining them will make them look more in keeping with the new decor I am working on for the house, and will be a great "Crafty Home" project. The idea is to fasten them to the wall and label them "in mail" and "out mail." I am thinking up cute ideas on how I will label them. I am open to suggestions!


  1. Staining them is a great idea. You could also make a couple liners for them in a fun fabric of your choice.

  2. Thanks Brandi, a couple of liners will be a great idea and will give it a finished look.

  3. Hi I just thought you could label them with chalk board paint labels so you could change them to something else in the future. Just attach then with a clip of some kind to hang them!!!!

  4. Hi Linda! Thanks for the idea. I was playing with the idea of chalk paint labels, but was not sure how to attach them. The clip might be the way to go.


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