Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Leadership Styles and How They Work

by Dr. Cheryl Cottle

Creative business entrepreneurs like other entrepreneurs must also manage their businesses in a professional way. Research shows that there are many skills needed to successfully build a business, and one of those is leadership. Leadership skills are connected to your interpersonal skills and relates to how you connect and interact with others. It has a significant impact on the success and sustainability of your business. As a creative business owner, you also have to interact and build relationships with people at different levels; including employees, customers, suppliers, landlord, trade show organizers, and all those who are in one way or another connected with you and your business.

Leadership skills are very crucial to business owners to succeed in business. Research shows that there are many types of leadership styles including the autocratic approach and the democratic approach. The autocratic approach is generally associated to men, while the democratic approach is generally associated to women. The autocratic approach relies upon the individual exerting "power and control," as oppose to consensus. In contrast, the democratic approach to leadership relies upon collaboration, sharing and team work. It is a "softer" approach that has greater consensus and allows for people to be participatory.

When there is greater consensus, individuals engage more and feel committed to what is being done. Recently Dr. Silvia LaFair suggests that leadership can be examined from the perspective of "Caring and Daring." She suggests that women are caring leaders because of their biological nature. They are by nature caregivers and nurturers, while men are regarded as "Daring." Historically and culturally men are the hunter-gatherers; they were expected to hunt for resources and bring them to the home. Dr. LaFair also points out that in today's organizations or businesses using one approach over the other is not effective and suggest that both men and women should adopt a combinational approach or blended-approach using a "Caring and Daring" approach to leadership.

People prefer to relate to others if they feel that they are valued and appreciated by them. Having a people-oriented approach to human relationship will help build lasting and trusting work relationships. It will also help you to gain the commitment and dedication from those who you require support from. Remember you cannot do it alone. Sometimes we may think; I do not need to build relationships, I can do it alone, but remember that no one is an island. Some people are gifted leaders, while others will have to learn and develop their skills. Yes, it can be learnt and developed, and with time you can become the leader your business needs.

What is your leadership style? Is this something that you will like to change or improve upon?

About the Author
Dr. Cheryl Cottle is the founder and chief consultant of Cottle's Professional Consulting. Dr. Cottle is an education and business development consultant, and has written several post for Crafted Spaces. She holds a Masters degree in Instructional Technology and a Doctorate degree in Education and Computer Applications. She has worked as a consultant for over ten years and is also a social media expert, who works with individuals and organizations to achieve their professional and business goals. Dr. Cottle also provides women entrepreneurs with valuable business development resources through her CPC Women in Business group and other initiatives.

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