Monday, March 4, 2013

Home Organization Challenge: Home Office

I started last week's challenge by collecting all the items in the home office that did not belong and I added a few knick-knack items into a donation box. The office has a four-draw legal size file cabinet, which I have had for more than ten years. The file cabinet stores tons of files, but really needed some reorganizing.

I emptied the contents of the filing cabinet and cleaned the drawers. I then designated a drawer for our household files, businesses and office supplies. I manage two home-based businesses, and originally I had a drawer for each business, but I have decided to condense them into one draw (I will see how well it works). I also removed my eldest son's school materials and filed it in the file cabinet that is in his room.

Using different colour file folders I created files and sorted the contents by date. Each folder is labeled and placed in the file cabinet in alphabetical order. Admittedly, a lot more filing needs to happen, but I got a great start on the process, collected needed tax documents and updated all the current bill folders. I am also working on a few Excel spreadsheets and workbooks for Crafted Spaces and Verona Collections.

The office supplies drawer is a much needed change. I was using a wicker basket before, but it did not do the job as well. Now everything is within easy reach and the IKEA transparent plastic box, helps to keep things separate.

My husband and I like to keep the surface of the table as uncluttered as possible. Mind you there is the occasion when it gets covered in paperwork and file folders and you are unable to see the table. We both share the office, but we also have a computer in our individual studios. The computer in the office is dedicated to specific task, and all the computers in the house are connected through a network.

I added a few personal touches to the space, but kept the clutter to a minimum. The room was originally designed to be a mudroom and when my husband and I moved into the house we converted it into a home office. The space therefore has a few limitations, but it is a wonderful little office with lots of natural light. I hope that you have found this post useful and have gotten some insight on how you can organize your workspace.

How do you manage your office files and clutter? Leave your comments below!

As we continue our Home Organization Challenge we move into the eight week. This week the focus is on creating a laundry room that works for everyone in the home.

Week 8 - Laundry Room

To Do List:
  • Clean behind washer and dryer
  • Clean dryer
  • Clean washer
  • Organize cleaning tools
  • Organize storage cabinets
  • Organize laundry
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Wipe walls, doors, cabinets
  • Clean sink
  • Clean floor
  • Discard empty containers


  1. Your home office transformational challenge is indeed great. You have shown what great ideas, planning and effort can accomplish. I try to follow all that you are doing. Sometimes, I have missed some of them, but I go back to make sure that I see all of your creative work in this challenge.

    All the best to you:)

  2. Our office is also a guest bedroom. The room is big enough for both, but to keep office space to a minimum we have 2 smaller desks and a few 3x3 cube dresser with cloth bins for storage.

  3. Thanks for the visit and for sharing! I wish I had more space for the office. My husband and I really needed a dedicated space, so we converted what use to be the mud room into our home office. It works well, and the large filing cabinet really helps us keep paper under control.


Thanks for your comments!

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