Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY Valentine Coupon Book

I am giving my husband a coupon book as one of his Valentine's Day gifts this year. I decided to put together fun things to do for a week. It has been a long time since I have made one of these for him, so I decided to make it a week full of breakfast in bed, massages, a date night and bubble baths (just to name a few things on the list).

I wanted the coupon book to have a personal touch, so I hand wrote little messages versus using the printer. I used regular printer paper for the inside pages and created a cover using scrapbook paper, Japanese tissue paper and silk fabric.

My "Create a Sticker - Max" was very helpful for this project. I used it to create a sticker for the front cover using the scrapbook paper. I was also pleasantly surprised that my silk fabric was able to pass through the machine without jamming. However, for the delicate Japanese tissue paper, I used a small amount of "Mod Podge" and applied it from the centre working outward and I left a 1/2 inch border. The pages are stapled together to form a booklet. To embellish the top of the booklet I added a ribbon trim, rubber stamped with gold ink and made stitch lines using a gold Sharpie paint marker.

Perhaps this will give you an idea or two.


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