Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Crafty Idea: Scrap Pincushion

On January 4th, I had the pleasure of assisting a very nice lady and her friends and family with a project to make 100 diapers. I received a call just before Christmas and was moved by her story and the wonderful act of kindness she proposed. To assist with her project, I donated time in the sewing studio and my assistance. Her goal was to make 100 diapers for the families of a remote community in Mexico that her family have "adopted" and provides assistance to in a number of ways.

For several hours my home and studio was bursting with activity and an overflow of diaper fabric. In the end we were able to make 80 flat diapers from the material she brought to the studio and she had additional diapers donated by other friends. I was happy to be a part of her efforts and I look forward to other such opportunities.

This leads me to today's project, which is a simple pincushion made from a scrap of corduroy fabric (from another project) and some of the ends of fabric that remained from serging the diapers.

1. Sew scrap fabric (5.5" x 6") with 1/2 inch seam and leave one side open.  |  2. Stuff with shreds of fabric to desired firmness  |  3. Fold in open ends 1/2 inch and use pins to hold in place.  |  4. Hand stitch opening or close using sewing machine.

It is a reminder that it only takes a little to do a lot.

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