Monday, November 1, 2010

Profile: Jennifer Gontier

Jennifer Gontier is the designer and owner of Hipknitized. Hipknitized is a knitwear company that focuses on handmade fashion accessories for women, men and children. Jennifer met with Crafted Spaces to talk about her designs and her passion for knitting.

Jennifer decided to become a stay at home mom, after having her son three years ago. She wanted to work from home and have the flexibility of spending as much time as possible with her son. Faced with the added challenge of being a single mother, Jennifer wanted to do something that she could develop into a viable business and that she is passionate about. With the added moral support of her family, Hipknitized was established in 2009.

Jennifer Gontier, Designer and Owner
pictured above with "Fair Trade" items

Jennifer designs a great collection of hats, scarves, cowls, booties, mitts and accessories. She also provides a collection of "Fair Trade" products, produced in India. Jennifer's original designs are created with environmental consciousness and comfort in mind. Some designs are created using yarn from reclaimed sweaters and are embellished with reclaimed buttons.

Hipknitized is a vibrant collection, with rich texture and bold detail. Jennifer tells us that she is not afraid to break the rules. The result is a unique product line that is fashionable and skillfully crafted. She also took the time to present us with a DIY project on how to make a: Knitted I-Cord Flower.

Baby cap with a floral pin

Hipknitied designs are fashioned from wool and synthetic fibres, employing a range of knitting and crochet techniques. As indicated, an assortment of items is available; however, the collection is primarily for teens and children with a wonderful selection of items for babies and toddlers as featured in these photos.

There is something for everyone. Jennifer also provides custom order service and will design an item to your specification. Hipknitized designs are available direct from the company, as well as online at its Etsy shop or at select retailers in the Barrie, Ontario area.
Baby crochet hat with vintage button


Jennifer has recently added a collection of "Fair Trade" items (seen in first photo above) to her business. These items are available at trade and craft shows. This unique selection of items from India are ethically made and have been designed with environmentally friendly processes. For more information about these items, please contact Jennifer for more details.

View our studio interview with Jennifer Gontier:

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