Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lighting Your Studio

The right type of lighting can add to your decor and enhance your productivity. It is also important to consider the effects that lighting has on your vision and health. When selecting the lighting for your studio, craft room or office, consider the type of task you are doing.

There are three layers of lighting, task, ambient and accent lighting. The most important of these three is task lighting. It is important that your task lighting be aimed at your hand and that it is not too bright. Your ambient lighting is usually an overhead light that creates a balance in the room or workspace, while your accent lighting is optional.

Natural light through a window can be wonderful; however, it is not recommended to place your computer or desk directly in front of a window or with the window directly to your back. A side position is usually best to avoid glare and improve contrast. You can also adjust your window treatment as the day passes to help with this issue.

Overhead lights at Crafted Spaces studio

Desk lamp!

Tips for selecting your lighting:
  1. Light your task first
  2. Use a combination of lighting
  3. Arrange task lamps so that the bulb is about 15" above the work surface
  4. Soft white bulbs are best for task lighting
  5. Consider three-way light
  6. Use energy saving bulbs
For a guide to eco bulbs visit the following link:

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