Saturday, November 6, 2010

Craft Show Storage Solution

It can be a challenge to find the right containers to transport and store inventory for craft and trade shows. There are many creative ideas that can evolve out of the necessity to keep things organized, and there is a never-ending supply of storage containers available. However, keeping things as simple as possible for setting-up and taking down at the beginning and end of a show can save you both time and frustration.

Over the years we have done many shows, from community craft and bake sales to professional wholesale trade shows. Among the various factors involved in getting organized for the shows is also the question of: Where do I store things during the show? Often on-site space is either limited or none-existent. With limited storage space available, under the table or behind the drapes becomes the best solution. However, you still need something that will "tuck away" nicely.

We have recently been asked what we have been using. We have several solutions depending on the show, but recently started using these Sterilite containers, which we wanted to share with you.

"Footlocker" Latching Tote
31 1/4" L x 17 5/8 W x 13 7/8"H

They have been used at a few shows so far and seem very durable. They have metal hinges and latches and can be locked using a standard-size padlock. They stack easily on each other and the wheels are an added bonus. We have only found them in green (but we can live with that), but they available in other colours (including bright orange). We purchased these at Walmart for $17.00 each Canadian.

Perhaps these containers will also be handy for you at your next show. They are also great as regular storage, camping or travel solutions. Please share your thoughts and ideas on the topic. Do you have a storage solution or container that you will like to share with us? You are invited to post your pictures on our Facebook wall.

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