Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DIY Artwork

I think that art is very personal and means different things to each person. The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding art or creating art for your home. Recently I have been exploring some DIY art ideas as past of the Home Decorating Challenge. In my quest to find interesting art pieces for the gallery walls I am designing, I have decided to explore several options.

I have seen some wonderful "dictionary art" pieces and I really love the idea of combining beautiful images with the written word. I love the look and wanted to try some of my own. However, I really hate the idea of destroying a book, so I decided to copy some words from the dictionary and place them together to make my own dictionary page.

After copying the words I had to trim around the edges and then placed them together to create a new page. I then copied the new page onto a sheet of vintage scrapbook paper, which has a beautiful aged look. I had to cut my scrapbook sheets down to an 8 ½ x 11inch sheet, and used my laser printer.

The image I used is a vintage coral print, which I found online several years ago. I did a few small edits in Photoshop and printed on top of the words. There are a few other ideas that I will like to try, and I will include a couple coloured vintage prints. For my other pieces, I will also play with a combination of words that are connected to the image and will also play with some other elements. This project can easily be done with other types of copy, so I will explore some other options as well.

I hope that my project has inspired you to try making some DIY artwork.

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