Friday, June 14, 2013

How to Make Rose Scented Sachets

I love making sachets and it is one of my all time favourite handmade gift to make. This project is a rose filled linen sachet with a velvet ribbon. I used an end of lightweight linen that I had left from another project. You can also make a sachet from old tea towels or an old handkerchief. If you have ends of fabric it is also a great way to make great use of them for this great little project. I have found that a lightweight fabric works best and I like to use natural fibers.

I have used dried roses from my garden, but you can purchase fresh flowers, enjoy their beautiful scent and when they dry take them apart for your sachets. You can also use dried lavender or a potpourri mixture. A great place to start looking is at your local heath food or herbal store.


  • 61/2" square lightweight linen
  • matching thread
  • 8" velvet ribbon (optional)
  • ribbon rosebud (optional)
  • funnel
  • dried rose buds or lavender
  • scissors
  • hand-sewing needle
  • ruler (optional)
  • sewing machine

1. Cut your fabric 61/2" x 61/2"(you can also make them smaller if you like).

2. Using the edge of your presser foot stitch along the edges leaving a 1"- 2" opening and trim the corners.

3. Turn inside out and push out your corners then press flat.

4. Stitch 3/8" along three edges leaving the side open just under your 1" - 2" opening. I did a small back tacking stitch at the beginning and the end of my stitch. You are also leaving your needle in your fabric, lifting your presser foot and turning your fabric at the corners, so that you have a continuous line of stitching.

5. Using a funnel, fill the sack with your dried flowers so that it looks like a nice cushiony pillow. I used about five large dried roses.

6. Stitch 3/8" along the remaining inside stitch line and slip stitch your 1" - 2" opening.

7. Criss-cross your ribbon at the ends leaving a 1" tail. Hand-stitch your ribbon on one corner of your sachet and hand-stitch a ribbon rose to embellish.

8. Hang on a hanger or place in your dresser draw.


If you are making several of them in an assembly fashion works really well

I found a great tutorial on how to make larger "hanger sachets" which I think is a great idea.

Tip: If you have a garden, collect your buds and save them in a bowl or opened glass container and store then in a dark cupboard for future use. When your blooms are fully dried you can take them apart and use them in your sachets.

Do you like sachets? How do you use your sachets?

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