Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Crafty Home Accents

If crafting something is not your thing, then consider finding handcrafted and unique items online or at craft fairs. Earlier this year I spoke about the One-of-a-Kind Show and Sale, and during the summer months there is no shortage of art and craft fairs that you can visit. I have previously shared my love of shopping on Etsy and I have highlighted my own use of this site. Today I wanted to focus on a few home decor items that I really like from various Etsy vendors around the globe. I created a "Crafty Home Accents" list, and I will undoubtedly be adding more items.

via Crafted Spaces on Etsy
Generally, each vendor will have information listed about shipping options and where they ship to. You can also message vendors to confirm shipping details. The site has tons of vendors to choose from and you can use the wonderful features on Etsy to "curate" and share your finds via facebook, twitter or pinterest. There is a great "Add to" feature that lets you collect items based on a "list" that you have created.

You can name your list(s) based on what ever criteria you wish, including who you are shopping for, or the part of your home you will like to decorate. This feature is great and is in-keeping with the previous "heart" icon; however, it provides the opportunity to better categorize the items you like prior to buying. I also think that it can be a great way to compare products.

Here are the links to a few products I felt were great Crafty Home Accents.

Crochet Lamp Shade - Babytogo
Gold Tufted Chair Photography - Obsessvision
Wooden Wall Clock - Paladim
Nesting Bowls - Vessel Sandwares
Yellow Rose Pillow Cover - Secdus
Round Ottoman - Foututissu
Patchwork Pillow Case - Hawthome
Crochet Rag Rug - Gunaspalete
Bean Bag - Zoe Est Kids
Embroidery Hoop Art - King Soleil
Pottery Bowl - Biscuit Cuit
Black Dresser - Poppyseed Living

Are you an Etsy shopper or is their another website that you prefer? What do you think of the items I have selected?

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  1. I love, love, love Etsy! I have a few things coming in the mail that I'm really excited for.


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