Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Creative Business: Turning Your Craft Into Business

I am happy to announce that Crafted Spaces now has a Creative Business segment. Our blog currently have a collection of articles that focus on business development. However, our new segment will bring more resources and insight into how to develop and manage a creative business. Through focused articles, online radio broadcast and workshops; the goal is to help others transform their creativity into viable business ventures.

As a maker, instructor and an independent business development consultant, I have worked with others to explore their creativity and develop their businesses. Last year, I had an opportunity to participate in an online women business journal, Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal 2013. I had the pleasure of working on the design and development of the journal, and contributed an article that focus on the creative business entrepreneur. My article Turning Your Craft Into Business touches upon the process of how to take your creative abilities and transform them into a viable business.

The new Crafted Spaces segment will be a guide on how to set-up your business, develop a marketing strategy, develop your craft, and sell your creations. This year I look forward to sharing with you the skills and knowledge I have gained over the past twenty years as a creative entrepreneur. I will also bring to you the expertise of other creative entrepreneurs and invite you to join us on Blogtalk Radio, Facebook and Pinterest.

Here are some creative business and other business development post to get you started. You are also invited to join me tomorrow on Crafted Spaces Radio for the first online radio broadcast dedicated to our new Creative Business segment.

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