Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Making a Hand-Chain Scarf

I recently found this beautifully coloured yarn at Walmart. I love the colours and decided to purchase a ball to add to my ever-growing yarn collection.

The name of the yarn is "Swerve" and it is a product by Red Heart. The colour shown here is called "Barbados" ID#9936. You can visit here for more product information and other colour options.

This is what it looks like when you open out the ball.

You do not need a needle for this project. You are simply chaining the yarn with your hand to form a boa-style scarf. This is a project you can do in less than five minutes and would be a great gift. It is also something that kids can make as a fun project. Supper easy to make and looks pretty stylish too. There is lots of amazing colour combinations to choose from.

Red Heart also provides a printable instruction sheet, as well as this video tutorial on how to use the yarn:


  1. Hello, How do you finish this scarf?

  2. Hello Amers, To finish the scarf you would tie off and trim the ends. The instructions indicate to knot three times. When you are finished you do not even notice the ends and it just looks the same on either end.


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