Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Crafted Spaces

This post is a long overdue thanks to everyone that have made the pass year possible for Crafted Spaces. It is also a thank you to those that joined us for our one-year birthday celebration in July. The encouragement and support is motivational, and it is always great getting together with friends and family to celebrate over tasty food, refreshing drinks and stimulating conversation.

The pass year has been amazing. It has been a wonderful learning process. It has been full of challenges that have helped to better define Crafted Spaces and our mission. It has been inspiring to connect with so many talented and creative designers, crafters, makers and students. We have been fortunate to have wonderful guest join us on Crafted Spaces Radio, who have shared their knowledge and expertise with us.

I have enjoyed working with my sewing and creative design students, and watching them develop their skills as the weeks progress. I look forward to the new classes for this fall/winter and I'm really excited to share with you all the new projects we will be making.

If you have any questions or feedback, just send me an email at

Thanks for your ongoing support.


  1. Your year achievement for Crafted Spaces has indeed been an achievement for you. You have birthed your business idea and you have been developing the concept of what Crafted Spaces means. You have put a lot of creativity, love, and passion in making it truly something that you love.

    All the best and wishing you all the success with Crafted Spaces.

  2. Crafted Spaces is truly growing from strength to strength Yvette-Michelle. Throughout the years, you have indeed put your heart,love and passion into making Crafted Space a space for growing one's creativity. I just love your concept.❤❤❤


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