Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Book Review: Made by Me

Made by Me - Jane Bull

I recently gave a little friend of mine this book as a gift. I love the wonderful collection of projects and the full colour step-by-step instructions. There are lots of projects to keep the reader entertained. The book teaches basic sewing, knitting and embroidery skills, and each project compliments each other.

One of my favourite projects in the book is the cloth dolls. I remember making these when I was a kid and it brought back fond memories. Another favourite of mine is the hand embroidery, which shows you how to take your drawing and turn in into a embroidery or cross-stitch pattern.

If you have a chance to check this book out at the library, you will be happy with the weeks of fun it has to offer. It will make a great gift for the little maker in your life or even a wonderful addition to your own library.

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