Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crafty New Year Resolutions

The first show for the year on Crafted Spaces Radio was all about wishing everyone a wonderful year for 2012. I also wanted to share great ways that you can connect with and share with us your stories and creative projects.

Last year I had set out to teach myself how to knit and it was lots of fun doing so. This year one of the things on my list is to learn silk screening. Attending Kingi Carpenter's, Peach Berserk - silkscreening workshop is high on the list. I am also hoping to get a few others on-board to join in the experience.

We continue to connect on Facebook and Twitter, and at the end of last year a new Crafted Spaces profile was created on Pinterest. This fun space is full of amazing resources including amazing diy projects and inspiration. If you will like to connect with us on Pinterest, visit Crafted Spaces' Pinterest profile, where we have created several boards including one on sewing and another focusing on DIY projects.

When it comes to New Year Resolutions, I try not to overwhelm myself. I can very easily generate a list a mile long, but I wanted to keep it simple.

So here is my Mini Crafty List:
  1. Learn to silk screen
  2. Shear more DIY projects and tutorials
  3. Post more crafty articles
  4. Stay away from clutter
  5. Bake more goodies
  6. Reduce the insomniac crafting hours and get more sleep
So with this list in mind . . . What is planned for Crafted Spaces this year?

Well, we will be launching a new website in several weeks. We have been developing our online classes and will provide updates on when they will be launched for the spring. Our in-studio beginner sewing program starts next week Monday on January 16th, and I am super excited about the fun projects that are lined up. We also hope to have more guests, sharing their stories and creativity.  If you will like to join us or know someone of interest, just email us at We also have two new ongoing segments, one looking at finance and the other on professional development.

On a personal note, one of the first thing I have started doing for the year is declutter. I have a list of projects for around my home and have been using part of my weekends to tackle that list. On my Verona Collections blog I have shared what I finally have done with the beautiful Anna Maria Horner, "Innocent Crush" fabric I purchased last year.

What is your Crafty New Year Resolution?

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