Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Book Review: Simplicity Fabric Guide

Today's book review is focused on the Simplicity Fabric Guide: The Ultimate Fiber Resource, which was released this pass July 2011. I do have to say that I am really impressed by this book. I have wanted such a book for a long time and I'm happy to add it to the library of resources here at the studio.

Featuring over 500 photos, this book presents a brief history of fabric, provides information about different types of fibers, includes a handy testing chart and presents a catalogue of fabric types with helpful tips on how to work with each fabric. You also get a guide for linings, interfacings and stabilizers. I also find the "Estimating Yardages" and "Fabric Width Conversion Chart" a very helpful tool. There is even a guide on needles, a stain removal chart and a chapter on threads.

This is a great book for both the beginner or seasoned sewer or crafter. There are lots of other reviews available on this book and countless sources for purchasing one. I have included a link to Simplicity at the beginning of this post. I will also like to hear your thoughts on this book and any other books you will like to recommend.

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