Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book Review: Sew and Stow

Sew and Stow by Betty Oppenheimer

Recently one of Verona Collections' my sewing student had this book, and has chosen the "Cook's Helper Apron," as one of her "Beginner Sewing" projects. It is an interesting project book with a selection of easy to follow projects. The instructions are simple and the illustrations are effective. The projects featured are great for every aspect of your life, and all convey the common theme of organizing.

The apron project was very easy to follow and the step-by-step cutting and sewing instructions are great. There are thirty-one sewing projects in the book; including yoga bag, garden apron, garment bag, jewellery tote, and a cozy doggy pad. The book also provides helpful fabric and needle selection guides. The author also provides sewers with great tips and information on basic sewing techniques.

On a down note, all of the pictures for the projects are to the front of the book and not at the beginning of each project; which is something that does not work for me as far as the layout of the book. I do however find that the projects are simple to follow and allows for you to add your own creativity.

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