Thursday, October 1, 2015

Selecting A Pattern

The first project in our fall wardrobe sew-along is a skirt. We will be using a commercial pattern from Butterick; the Lisette B6182. This is a simple skirt with invisible back zipper, front pleat and side-front pockets. There is a range of sizes for this skirt and the suggested fabrics are easy to work with. The sizes are grouped into A5 (6 to 14) and E5 (14 to 22).

Choose your pattern size

Using the waist and hip measurement you collected on your body measurement chart, choose the pattern size grouping (A5 or E5) you need. The finished length of the skirt in all sizes is twenty four (24) inches, so be sure to measure where this will measure fit on you. You can lengthen and shorten the pattern if needed.

On the flap of the pattern envelope (see below), locate the numbers that represent your waist and hip measurements (a). If your measurements are between two numbers, then I suggest measuring the pattern pieces, minus the seam allowance and determine what the finished garment will measure. You can also transfer the pattern using tracing paper and sew a muslin for an initial fit. Alternatively you can start with the larger size and alter if needed. This skirt is not a tight fitting garment, which suggests that there will be some easement.

Gather fabric and notions

I have chosen to use a linen/cotton blend fabric. You can choose to use a twill, linen or poplin as suggested (b). To determine how much fabric and interfacing you will need, refer to the chart on the back of the pattern envelope (c).

You will also require a 7” invisible zipper and thread. I was unable to find a 7” zipper, therefore I am using an 8” zipper. I am using 100% cotton thread. Ideally you will want to match the colour of your zipper and thread with your fabric or match one of the colours in the print. Once you have gathered your fabric and notions you are now ready to prepare your fabric and cut your pattern pieces.

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