Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sewing: Simplicity 2224

I have kicked off my sewing this snowy spring with a simple skirt project. I selected an easy simplicity pattern, which I think lends itself very nicely to lots of changes for a personalized look. The Simplicity 2224 pattern has pieces for both a pant and skirt in varying lengths. I have used this pattern before in my sewing classes, but I had not made a piece for myself. I decided to make the skirt view "A," but wanted to try making the skirt with a slightly heavier weight fabric than suggested. After thinking through several options I chose lightweight corduroy, which adds a bit of body to the skirt compared to the suggested fabrics.

I decided to forgo on the drawstring and just stayed with an elastic waistband. I am not a big fan of drawstring waistbands and generally do not use them in my personal garment pieces.

I finished the pockets a little differently and did not add a closure. I did however add a little more detail to the pockets with some velvet ribbon and stitched a simple embroidery stitch across the ribbon.

I sewed the seams as directed with a ⅝ seam allowance on my sewing machine, but decided to finish off the seams and hemline with my serger. I did not want a heavy hemline so the method I used worked well for a narrower hem. A darker colour thread would have been a better option for this, but I used what I had on hand and I can live with it.

As mentioned before, this is an easy sewing project and is great if you are looking to make your first garment. The instructions are easy to follow and with just a few changes like the ones I have made, you can make it your own. I will try this same pattern with a lightweight cotton or linen fabric in the summer. I made my skirt a medium, which I think was a bit too generous so the next time I will try the small.

Happy stitching!

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