Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sewing Pattern Weights

I recently came across a great little tutorial on making pattern weights, and I just had to try making them. I have used weights in the past, but I usually pin my pattern pieces. However, if you will like to avoid making pinholes in your patterns, then pattern weights are a great alternative. Just lay several of the pattern weights on your pattern pieces and cut your fabric as usual.

The instructions for making the pattern weights, were easy to follow and all I needed to do was to raid my scrap bin for supplies. I added a 1/4 inch to the pattern, which made my weights a tiny bit bigger and easier to sew. I filled my weights with yellow split peas, but you could use rice or pellets. I also could not help myself and just had to add an embroidery detail.

I think that these pattern weights look really cute in my sewing room. I have already cut a stack of fabric pieces to make several more. I hope you will put your fabric scraps to good use and try making a few of them.


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