Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Crafty Christmas Gift Making

Every Christmas I find myself getting excited about making at least one handmade gift for the special people in my life. The gift options are endless, but usually fall into a handful of categories. Today I wanted to share with you a few of my handmade gift giving ideas.

Christmas Stockings - I wanted to make my little one a Christmas stocking. The added touch of the holly was inspired by a stocking project I found on Martha Stewart's website. You can also find other great stocking projects on the website. Click here for some added inspiration.

Scented Sachets - Scented sachets are easy to make and are great gifts that can be given on their own or in combination with other items. Check out our sachet DIY project  and make your own.

Book Cover - Making a book cover, for the avid reader on your gift giving list is a fun project. You can dress-up your book cover or keep it simple. Include an interesting book and you have a gift that is sure to please.

Pyjama Pants - One of the projects that our beginner sewing students make is a pyjama pants. They can be supper easy to make and there a lots of fun flannel prints you can choose from, for a fun winter or holiday theme. Great patterns are available via Burda or Butterick of example.

Teacup Pincushion - A Vintage teacup can be transformed into an ornate pincushion, for the sewer on your list. Check out our DIY instructions on how to make one.

Votive - Add a little Japanese tissue paper, and transform a plain glass votive candle holder or hurricane holder into something more dramatic. You can play with this and have lots of fun using a world of interesting paper.

Earrings - I love making jewellery as a gift. It you have a sense of the person's style then go for it. It is amazing to see your gift worn all year long, not just during the holidays. If you do not think you can make one, then give the gift of how to, by gifting a copy of this great jewellery making book.

Crochet Hat - I love making crochet hats and they can be made in a wide range of yarns in countless colours. If you are new to it, start with a simple pattern and go from there. There are many amazing yarns available at specialty yarn shops; however, an inexpensive and accessible place to start is online. Good sites to visit are Bernat and Lion Brand Yarn, their yarn is also available at craft and yarn shops and the websites have great tips and patterns available.

Fabric Handbag - Giving a handmade fabric handbag, is a gift that I never get weary of giving.

Scarf - Consider natural dyes for the creation of an original scarf. You can check out our post on making natural dyes, for some helpful tips on how to get started.

Join me over the next couple weeks, as I provide some great DIY projects that will make wonderful gifts for the special people on your list.


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