Monday, June 20, 2011

Profile: Sammy Younan and Denny Chan

Sammy and Denny
Designers and Owners of S'up Cuz

Meet Sammy and Denny, they are the creative duo behind S'up Cuz a Scarborough, Ontario based T-Shirt company. I first saw this label about a year ago and was drawn to the bright colours and impacting messages on the T's. The collection is geared more towards a male audience (which they are working on); however, I still think that there is something for everyone.

With backgrounds in Writing and Film, Sammy and Denny bring their diverse skills and knowledge to this creative business venture. Sammy and Denny share a long time friendship, dating back from age eleven. Their strong friendship and solid handle on how to collaborate, seems to be the foundation upon which their business flourishes. They seem open and respectful of each other and have developed a brand that is unique and recognizable.

S'up Cuz T-Shirt Collection

Their designs are meant to "provoke conscious consciousness and humorous humour."

Listen to our Crafted Spaces Radio broadcast with this dynamic duo. I think that you will find listening to these guys inspiring. S'up Cuz is a great example of how friendship and effective collaboration can support the growth and development of a business.

To order your S'up Cuz t-shirt visit their website at

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