Saturday, August 20, 2016

How A Journey Girls Doll Can Improve Your Sewing

We recently did a video to share with you guys our cute little model, a Journey Girls eighteen inch doll. The idea to add a doll to the studio has been something I have wanted to do for some time now. I had purchased a couple smaller dolls that I had found at the thrift store, but finally realized that I was going to have some difficulty finding an eighteen inch doll at the same location.

I can fondly remember learning how to sew as a child, by making clothing for my dolls and progressing to matching projects for myself. What seems life a lifetime later; I now have several young students that are eager to learn how to sew by making clothing for their dolls. I have found that the eighteen inch doll clothing is easy to make and is a great introduction to sewing. Several commercial pattern manufactures have developed patterns for eighteen inch dolls and there are lots of books available with patterns and instructions. The patterns are also easy to draft on your own.

As a mother of two boys, I can probably tell you about every video game and Lego set on the market; however, purchasing a doll was new territory for me. The American Girl dolls seem to be the most popular eighteen inch dolls, and most of the patterns I have found seem to reference these dolls. Several of my young students have an American Girl doll and we have done projects for them; however, I was not aware of the price until I started looking to purchase one. I did some research and soon discovered the significant price tag, which I was not willing to invest in a doll. With a bit more research, I found the Journey Girls and My Life As dolls. I then decided to get the Journey Girls (Chavonne) doll, which I purchased at ToysRUs.

As an adult learning how to sew, having a doll can also serve as a learning tool. You can use the doll to sew a complete outfit, see how different fabrics might work together and practice different sewing techniques. You can then transfer those sewing skills onto your other projects. I will share with you guys projects that are made for our little model. I am hoping to add another doll from the Journey Girls collection to the studio. I will also love to hear from you guys, how you think a Journey Girls doll or other type of doll can improve your sewing skills.

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