Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Home Organization Challenge: Dining Room

The Easter holiday was fun but hectic, and as you can tell I am a bit behind this week with my post. I am however, very excited that the end of the 12 weeks Home Organization Challenge is in sight and there is just one week left to go. It is amazing to see the changes around my home and I hope that if you are following along, that the challenge has been working well for you as well.

With just one more week left in the challenge, I am looking forward to getting the last bits done and having an organized home that my family and I can really enjoy. Last week the challenge was to organize the dining room. As I mentioned before, my dining room is part of my kitchen. The dining area is small, so there is generally not a whole lot of organizing for me to do except to keep the table free of clutter.

However, the biggest challenge in the space was sorting through all the items from the various rooms that had been gathered in the past weeks. Placing everything in its new home and trashing other items. I also had to find a new place for the hardwood flooring that is meant for the living room, but has been housed in the dining room for way too long.

The idea was to clean things up and remove all clutter. I will be doing a make-over of the space some time in the next few months, so I wanted to create a clean canvas for adding some much needed style and personality. I am happy that my family and I have a place to eat dinner together again and I look forward to further transforming the space.

This week the focus is on my sewing studio. I teach sewing classes from home and the space has to be kept clean and organized. I generally do a good job of keeping this room organized, but I will really like to work on my fabric and notions here. I also have some decorative touches that I will like to add to the room, and getting a bit more organized will make a big difference.

Week 12 - Studio

  • Sort and purge items into four categories; keep, donate, trash and other room
  • Empty cabinets and wipe shelves
  • Clean window and door
  • Wash drapery
  • Clean floor
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Clean sewing machine(s)
  • Organize notions, fabric and other supplies
  • Organize patterns
  • Create a donate box with fabric and other unwanted supplies
Happy organizing!

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